Friday, 22 November 2013

Firsthand and Seconds Away

If you're going to let me down, would you at least do it with some ease? There's no knowing how long the hallway of life may be. Every soul has the chance to see light and darkness, but time ultimately exists in His hands. Life is like a dark hallway - not pitch black, but dark nonetheless; a progression toward a visible glow. Or at least, a progression toward a visible representation of the Glow, but not the Glow in and of itself. What I mean to say is, a physical progression toward the representation - we can see the representation, but not God in his fullness (John 1:18). God is the Glow - yet to be seen by those on the Earth. Not to be seen on the Earth, but to be seen in the Heavens.

This isn't to say that every life is a walk toward the Glow. But I believe in the opportunity to walk toward the Glow, and that's what I'm after (so I think). Ask God what I'm after, He knows better than I do. I think that everybody has that opportunity. That's for God to say though.

I forgot to mention: pictures. Pictures hang on the walls. Memories that stand inside of frames. Not just stand - but shout, scream, jump, reach, hold, listen. Listen ... but maybe, maybe a person cannot accurately see memories until they are approaching death? But that is only a mystery. Only a mystery ... mysteries are what drive people to search! What do you mean "only mysteries?" You're lame. I know.

To be carried down the hallway, and glance at everything that once was. While the carrier has cold feet, my hands are burning, for I only hang onto air. These empty fists that burn with failed expectations.

I was inspired through this video to write some of the things which I wrote ...

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