Sunday, 17 November 2013

Blades of Silence

...She never thought that sharpness could heal dullness. It was only until she thought to herself as the days grow dull, the pains of sharpness lose their power that she could dance with such liberty. The unknown monotony that only conjures up circular arguments. Sharpness is an occasional agent - never intended to be brought to life every single day. If sharpness is brought to life every single day, then sharpness becomes another kind of dullness. Dullness is a matter of repetition. Does the darkened casket laying in the field ascend when dusk takes the light away? Shadows do not take the light away, they simply cover the light. Shadows are blankets - cold, dark, and veiled. Darkness and light are both eternal. Sharpness does not take dullness away permanently, but it is a replacement for a finite amount of time. Or maybe, maybe it is only a distraction? Blades of silence...

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