Wednesday, 28 August 2013

the unavoidable fate

This is my attempt at scrutinizing life & death. I don't exactly know what I'm going to write, but I may use evident samples from other people. Honestly though, why do you even have to give people credit? We are all just in in it for the pride; we are always sampling. Creative commons, ha, that's very funny! I would argue that a human in and of itself is not the root for any idea, though they may hold the idea inside of their hands. If we wanted to accurately give outsiders credit, we'd be writing freaking genealogies. I will just steal, and I will not include references. The subject of English can't put the writer inside of a cell. Did the writer form English or did English form the writer?

I'm writing this next section three days later. Maybe two days later. I forget how many days later. Anyway, I was upset when I wrote the above paragraph. I don't think it's necessarily terrible to give others credit. Giving credit can be arduous though. Giving credit can end up being an act of worship toward a human.

I will start by asking some questions. Why do humans die? What exactly is this sequence of events that we call life? Why do humans have the control to put an end to life but not an end to death? Sure, a human being can delay the death that is approaching, but it simply cannot be stopped.

It's actually quite strange how I don't understand life, since I've lived for 19 years. Experience and studying both fail at finding all of the answers; especially physical experience and studying. That's the difficult part of practicing spirituality. It's so easy to just act on the five physical senses at my disposal, instead of using that deeper sense - the soul. I can't prove that I have a soul though, can I? I'm pretty sure that I do, but how can I explain it? But hey, maybe I'm the only one on this earth? What if everything I know was formed by my imagination? What if my imagination is an imagination? I would argue that everyone believes in something that holds some amount of uncertainty. What you have faith in will show by what you are faithful to.

Humans can't put an end to death because it is controlled by something greater than ourselves. A human can trigger death, but it isn't evoked by them, since they haven't even faced the situation for themselves. Without Satan, there would be no death in the first place. It was the selfishness that screwed us over. And somehow God allows it to happen. God, why do you allow death to happen? Physical life is not eternal, and death is the hallway that every human passes through to make it to their place of dwelling. Eternity.

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