Friday, 16 August 2013

Dear Atheists

You have some well thought out arguments against God, The Bible, and Christ's followers.


God in the old testament sanctioned many crimes against humanity like slavery (Leviticus 25;44) and genocide (1 Samuel 15:3). This is in contrast with what Christians and Jews call a good God that should be worshiped.

The Paradox of Omniscience

If God knows everything, then he can not forget because the moment he forgets, he doesn't know everything. However, if God cant forget, he then doesn't know how to remember or recollect. If he can't recollect. then there is something he doesn't know- he doesn't know how it feels to recollect or remember something.

Why can't God heal amputees? 

Regeneration of limbs for humans is quite impossible and difficult to fake. It comes as no surprise to atheists that we hardly hear the faith healers claim tat they have grown back a leg or an arm for an amputee.

There are two rationalizations made by apologists for this problem (which both fail)

a) God has a special plan for amputees

Well, there is no such plan in the bible or Quran. This is a simple excuse for God.

b)Amputees don't need healing

This is a sad but not surprising argument that I have heard. I would really like to know how a footballer who lost his leg wouldn't like to play football again?Or a pianist who lost his hand wouldn't like to play the piano again. It is quite insensitive to make such an argument- unfortunately such is the rationalization and mental gymnastics for God.

The reason why God doesnt heal amputees is simple. A personal omnipotent God doesnt exist. A god may or may not exist but an ambulance god does not.

I sampled from the following website:

I don't even know how to logically argue against these. Why?

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