Saturday, 17 August 2013

The Pride

My body is filled with anger! The reason: how I reacted when asked about going to a local bar tonight to get drunk. I mean, wasn't the "invitation" more of a joke? Did I perceive things the right way, or the wrong way? I don't know how I should have interpreted this! 
"He's gonna get drunk for the first time." "He's going to give into the peer pressure." Admittedly, I thought that was funny. I laughed, smiled, and shook my head. I rambled about my fear of water (which is partially a joke, partially true), how I don't enjoy beverages, how I was dizzy, how I'm an introvert. I wasn't lying to get out of the situation, as this is true information about me. Did I come across as self-righteous? Did I come across as arrogant? Pride must be damned! Am I over thinking this scenario? Do they think that I'm some strange, draconian jerk? I know that I am strange, but I don't want to be cruel. I'm seeking after Grace, and Gentleness. For God's sake, I wish I wouldn't have said so much. Why didn't I just give a simple: "No thanks, but thanks for the invitation"? My head hurt so much from the heat, so that could have had something to do with it. I was intoxicated with the heat of the Sun! Time to pray, Graham.

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