Friday, 28 March 2014

The Fiend, Cacophony

Why assume that cacophony must exist in a single moment? Why assume that it is unfettered? Perhaps cacophony truly is unable to be transmitted through numerous moments? But no, I will refute such an assumption (albeit without proper evidence). It may seem dull and it may be long lasting, but it is still cacophony. It just does not want you to know how destructive, evil, and detrimental it is.

Have you ever been fearful about making it to Heaven? Last night, I was considering the possibility of acting on my lying and inauthentic nature for the duration of my human existence, and only becoming truthful and authentic once the afterlife takes place. It is terrifying for me to realize that I could only be morally virtuous once I reach Heaven. Beyond the celestial gates, I still imagine guilt being present, the guilt which reflects all of my transgressions.

Guilt is such a perceptible aspect of human consciousness, so how could I imagine anything different? Perhaps it is vain to hold expectations in regard to Heaven? Not only am I afraid of lying, but my soul is in the lions den. What I mean to say is, I am scared of all the evil I have harbored. My heart is held in Hell's Harbor. Each type of evil is a lion, and my heart is the lamb. I may never fight off all the lions. God may never fight off all the lions for me, either.

To conclude, I am not fearful about making it to Heaven. I am afraid of human existence and I infuse my fears toward human existence into my ideas about Heaven, thus making me mistake Heaven as a fear. Heaven is not a fear, yet I tend to believe that my fear will meet me there in its entirety.

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