Monday, 20 January 2014


My own existence and the existence of the objects which surround me have become so disconcerting. Let us take a moment to reflect upon a very common fraction of human existence: the ways in which we sense things. Why do people posses abilities like sense, sound, sight, touch, taste? And why do some people cease to posses some of these traits?

Are all of these traits mere vanity? Once we die, will we hold on to any of these senses? Could it be that these senses will entirely vanish once we die? Could these senses possibly be maximized in an afterlife? But enough about the five senses. That was only the preamble to the next sub-topic: the ways in which people use the five senses.

Were we only given these senses to work under the authority of others, to build homes, to eat and drink, to become obsessed with music, to wear clothes, to smell the flowers, to feed our preferences?

How can you say that there is true meaning when money is spent, when homes collapse, when food and drink become stale, when songs no longer satisfy, when clothes tear, when flowers wilt, when preferences turn to hatred?

It is my assumption that every person has experienced dissatisfaction, and I think that such dissatisfaction exists because we truly long for the eternal, something apart from the dying material items of this world (Ecclesiastes 3:11). Human existence is not an end. Death is not an end. These are simply means to an end, and that end is God.

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