Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Separating Life from Human Existence

Life is not really life. Or at least, life is not what they tell you it is. They want you to believe that human existence is life, but their intentions are far from being virtuous. Human existence is not life, but rather, human existence is a dream. A dream that is not projected by the mind of humans, but projected by the mind of God. Stray from the delusion that this your dream, for this is God's dream. As humans, we are only characters within the dream. Those who say that human existence is life are merely evoking interruptions. They are the ones who steal your peace, force your head to ache, and disrupt the dream. This particular dream embraces the restraints of time, yet certain elements resonate for an eternity. The years are like shores, in which treasure is to be found among the sands of time. The treasure refers to life while the shores make reference to human existence. Life promises flourishing, but human existence is only a pathway that leads to the obligation of death. The events which occur between the birth and the death of a mortal being are not random, but they are unknown for a period of time - much like death itself. It does not matter how far you wander off, you are still only a character within the dream. A character created by God, placed within the dream by the dreamer. Who will you be inside the dream? Will you truly find life while you are a part of the dream?

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