Thursday, 31 October 2013

is your god really God?

A question asked by the post-hardcore band As Cities Burn in their song "Clouds."

My mind and spirit have stumbled upon a realization: I don't completely trust anybody's interpretation of God. It's like I can't help but feel uncomfortable every time I witness the theology of others. Then again, I don't seem to trust that many things. Can a misconception of God cause somebody to go to Hell? Personally, I don't submit to a particular type of theology (Calvinism, Arminianism, Prosperity Gospel, etc). To be honest, I don't actually know that much about theology in the first place. It's a subject that interests me, but I don't care about a label as much as I care about really following Jesus, and really knowing God. That is what I am after - at least, that's what I think I want to be after. I sure hope that's what I'm after. I don't care about following Jesus and knowing God as much as I should - I'm not even close to reaching those goals. I need to work on that. Or should I say - God needs to work through me, on his timing of course. God are you already working through me? Is there something in my life that is obstructing you from working through me? May I understand and grasp the teachings of Jesus. May I be the part you intend me to be in the body of Christ. May I take time to care for my soul. May I know you for who you truly are - even if it scares me, even if I don't naturally like it.

If people cannot gain salvation through actions, does that also mean they cannot lose salvation through actions?

Then again, what exactly is salvation? Would salvation exist without Heaven? Or would Heaven exist without salvation? What is Heaven? Yes, I think that Heaven would exist without salvation offered to humans. Heaven is God's home. But I am not God, so we'll leave that as a mystery for now.

I've also observed that I'm more worried about other people living "the good life" than I am about living "the good life" for myself. May my vain intentions be damned.

Except ... I don't want to let go of my vain intentions! I like some of them - they feel GOOD to me. Looks like I'm using the humanistic and secular definition of "good" though, hey?

Who is god to me? Who is god to you? Who is GOD?

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