Thursday, 24 October 2013

The Devil and the Wind

This post will be focusing on the idea of individualism. In this case, I am referring to the following definition: individual character, individuality. I will be arguing that such a thing does not really exist.

(sigh) I actually do not feel as though I can write. Could it be that I am mentally tired? Could it be that I do not care to expand upon this topic at the given moment? A ---> B.

If I were to be truly individual, I would not have traits such as emotions, feelings, sight, other senses. I would not be tired right now. Why? I did not create those parts. They came from other places. Those parts make me out to be WHO I AM (at a superficial level). I am an infrastructure of remnants from the past. It is history crawling toward the end. I did not start, I came later, I am here now, I have not finished. If you are reading, you have not finished. If I was truly an individual, I would not have a connection with anything external. So, who would I be if I was truly individual? I would be nothing.

Individualism is like chasing after wind. No, it is not. Rather, it is like chasing after the fallen leaves from the tree of life - which have been scattered by the wind. It is like finding the letters of God scattered in the streets, grasping the letters with your two hands, and claiming that you composed the written works. You did not write those letters! Oh, to find what falls from the tree of life, and what falls from the tree of death. Maybe God is the stillness, and the Devil is the wind?

Original artwork done by Alex Pardee for the album "In Love and Death" by The Used. This image looks slightly different than the original though. Hmmmm ... sorry, looks like I can't give proper credit.

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