Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Betrayer

I'm pressing on while I'm falsifying love
It's a word everyone's heard
But nobody really knows its depth

Love and hate lay underneath
the skin of the blamed

And I will beg for your mercy
because I know you have it all

And I will tell you everything
because I need your love

I'm stepping back while I'm drowning in my hate
It's a word which became a world
and everybody's seen it

Love and hate go above
the sins of the shamed

And I will beg for your mercy
because I have none at all

To see tears run down your face
it made my body shake
and yet I felt happy
because you cared

I was pathetic
I was selfish
I am still pathetic
I am still selfish

My lust used your love
and left us both shivering

And for that I'm sorry
I'm sorry I made you cry
I'm sorry I was so selfish

I was never looking for love
I was only looking for admiration

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