Sunday, 6 October 2013

It Would be Easy

It has been five months since my feet were last planted on the grounds of Thetis Island. It would be easy to say that I miss the island. It would be easier to say that I miss the people. It would be easy to excuse the idea that I miss both the island and the people. Do I miss the island and the people? Absolutely - but I don't say that without some hesitation. Honestly, I am very saddened that I don't get to see some of the people there anymore. I miss Telegraph Harbour Marina, I miss the shores, I miss that strange tree that grew out of the ground horizontally to form a path of sorts. By missing these things, does that mean that they are my idols? Why do I miss these things in the first place? I believe that I miss them because God worked through the people I met on that island. Here is a reworded quote (since I don't remember the exact quote) from Joel Childs: "You realize how much they [the people] cared about you, and you realize that you also cared about them." Maybe God isn't so difficult to find. Maybe I only attach his existence to things I used to have - things I didn't realize he was even working through at the time. Oh, how I have such trouble embracing the present.

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