Friday, 13 September 2013


Dang, this is my third post today. I finally feel some inspiration to write! Maybe it's because I've been reading more lately. 

What have I been reading lately?

1) As You Like It - William Shakespeare
2) Ethics - Oliver A. Johnson / Andrews Reath
3) The Bible - numerous authors
4) Psychology - Carole Wade, Carol Tavris, Deborah Saucier, Lorin Elias

I'm just gonna write random paragraphs. This is chaos. This is anti-English structure. This is messy. Who's to dictate how a person should express their thoughts? Maybe we should worry less about the structure, and more about the content? I suppose that both of those can come into play at the same time though.

This is a representation of humanity. Oh humanity - the child that sits alone on the swing set. When it hits high points while swinging, it feels euphoric; but it comes down so quickly. Why should I act as though I'm the cover page, when I'm just a page torn from the magazine? You know, that magazine waiting in God's room. The magazine of souls, and reality, apart from distracting and tasteless advertisements.

Honestly, I just can't wait for the cooler weather to come. I'm not to judge what the weather should be though, as that is ultimately in God's hands. Why should we even make plans? Why should we anticipate anything physical? Life is not all that predictable, you know. Sure, there are "model lives" set before us, and there are paths of life that have been repeated (to a certain extent). But who is to say which path you will walk on? Who is to say how long the path last? There aren't many promises.

I ask so many questions, but why am I lacking when it comes to answers and solutions?


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