Tuesday, 24 September 2013


A part of me really likes chasing after answers. Conclusions can be just frightening though. Sometimes it's the dystopia of the mind, and other times it's the utopia. It's either Gotham city (Batman) or Mushroom Kingdom (Super Mario). For the record, I like Spider-Man a lot more than Batman. I've been having some pretty strange dreams lately. I have been just exhausted too, and even sleep for up to two hours in the afternoon. I've never been drunk on alcohol, but I think I feel hung over when I wake up. My emotions are numb, my head hurts, my brain is fuzzy like a lost channel on the television, my body aches. Like I mentioned in an earlier post (http://stiltstoheaven.blogspot.ca/2013/08/reflections-on-sleep.html), sleep reveals to me the profound desires within, and sometimes ones which are more obvious. Sometimes I see such beauty in my dreams, and I want to see that when I'm awake. Occasionally, my dreams include such fun and splendor. It's not always hard for me to see beauty when I'm awake, but I almost always wish that I were somewhere else. I'm really missing some people right now, some people I may never see again. Goodbye is not simply a word, but it is a distance that will leave an impression on you. Some things I desire aren't seen in my waking state or in my sleep, which is twice as disappointing. Lately I have been dreaming about sleeping. What makes my waking state any more real than my sleeping state? I am too eager. I'm either an eager Giant Sloth or an eager Giant Hamster.

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