Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Every Day is Exactly the Same

To Hell with putting words in God's mouth. A lot of Christians (if not all of them) draw so many conclusions that aren't necessarily Biblical. They stand on their soapboxes with pride and assurance, when in fact their foundation is fairly weak. Make no mistake though, I also do the same. I am a hypocrite who attempts to point to the liberator. It's so easy to find our inner weakness. It exists inside loneliness, interaction among others, the book you're reading, the questions in the back of your mind, the questions that others ask. If I could leave you with one thought: don't trust what I say, but trust what God says. What's the point of putting hope into something so inconsistent like humanity? It's shaking, it's cold, it's in the dark, it's looking for light. It often appears that people make guesses about who God is, or what his thoughts are; this is based on my own experience, and also my study of other individuals. I think that people need to stop debating in order to obtain answers which stem from ideas that are merely human, and seek to find answers which come from God. But no, people run to "reasonable resources" and find the same answers, and the same opposition follows, and then there are people like me who don't know what to think, and ... aah, it's so cliche! To quote Trent Reznor: "every day is exactly the same."

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