Saturday, 26 July 2014

Hate & The Image of God

When I choose to hate a person, the hate transcends the person. Past the person is the upper echelon, God. When a person is shown hate, God is also shown hate. Whether the hate remains internal or whether it is expressed externally, the hate somehow reaches God (?).

So, how is it that the hate reaches God when the hate reaches people? Does this mean that every person is God? How can the hate reach God when there are so many who do not reach for Him? What makes this suspected “domino reaction” able to happen? What makes this “domino reaction” unable to stop – and is it truly unable of being stopped?

Some would infer that the hate reaches God when the hate reaches people because "every person is created in the image of God." But does that hold any weight to it now? What about the fall of man? Once the fall of man took place, was the creation of man in God's image impeded? The question remains: are people still created in the image of God?

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