Monday, 30 June 2014

The Connexion Between Man and God

God knows man in his fullness, though man does not know God in his fullness. Would this make the connexion between man and God problematic? I will break down this statement and question into three parts. That way, we can take a concise yet detailed look at everything that the statement and question have to offer.

Part One: God Knows Man in His Fullness
God has the full understanding of humans, not only humankind as a general species, but humans as individuals (Psalm 44:21). God knows humans better than they know their own selves. It doesn’t even matter if the humans decide to act in Godly ways or not (Hebrews 4:13). As the righteous Judge, he witnesses both the non-actions and actions of the humans. By non-actions I am referring to the heart, and by actions I am referring to the expressions of the heart. God sees both the heart and the expressions, whether they be of darkness or light (Ecclesiastes 12:14).

Part Two: Man Does Not Know God in His Fullness
Humans do not have the same understanding of God that God has of humans. The Bible, which I believe to be the Word of God, says that nobody has seen God (John 1:18). The Bible also says that God forms humans in the womb of their mothers (Psalm 139:13), knows the hairs on our heads (Luke 12:7), and so forth. Such verses show God as the creator. But what is the human? I suppose it would be easiest to say that the human is the creation.

Part Three: Would this make the connexion between man and God problematic?
Now, why would I suggest that the connexion between man and God could even possibly be problematic? I suggested this for one simple reason: these entities are not the same – creation and creator. It doesn't seem fair now, does it? There is God, and it is necessary that there is only one, who gets to know everything about the creation. But the creation does not and cannot have the knowledge that God has. How is it that the creation doesn't have that God-knowledge, especially when Adam and Eve ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil - more specifically, when they attempted to gain the knowledge that God has?

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