Wednesday, 30 April 2014


God cannot be put in a box? I believe that God cannot be put in a box by humans, but I also believe that God can indeed be put in a box. God can be put in his own box, outside of the intentions or commands of human beings. God must always be inside his box because his identity is never altered! In some ways, God does have limitations. But the difference between the limitations of God and the limitations of human beings is that God chooses his limitations, having full authority over who he is, while human beings are subject to outside forces. We are either placed in a box by God or Satan, forces that are separate from our own existence. However, God exists in a box of his own. That being said, humans have more freedom than God, at least in one sense; humans have the ability to do that which is evil, and that is something that God cannot even be tempted by. But why would God give us an ability that he himself does not possess? Why would he give that ability to such fools? Was he casting pearls before swine?

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