Tuesday, 15 April 2014

For Better or For Worse

Comparisons are just futile, are they not? You constantly witness people shifting their negative perceptions by comparing their bad situations to those who "have it worse" so that they can feel more positive and happy; sometimes you even witness people shifting their positive perceptions by comparing their good situations to those who have it "better off than they do" just so they can feel glum. Those who do the former are known as the "positive thinkers" and those who do the latter are known as "the complainers." The positive thinkers receive accolades for their bright attitudes, while the complainers are looked upon with disdain. But why should that be so? They are opposite extremes - both dangerous, I think. Both seem to lose and fall victim to tragedy. It is merely a lose-lose situation! You are either obtaining happiness because of somebody else's existing woe and misfortune or you are becoming sad because you cannot see that goodness exists in your own life. I like complaining and it turns out that I am losing?

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