Saturday, 8 February 2014

The Achilles Heel of a Dreamer

The realities of human existence, more specifically limitations, are a gradual and banal pain. Limitations have a tendency to be the Achilles heel of any dreamer. But perhaps it is only through this weakness (limitations) that dreamers can find their strength (dreaming). And that is why dreamers dream so often: they are constantly being vexed. The dreamer needs limitations. In actuality, limitations both suppress and evoke dreams.

Never did I think of myself as a dreamer, at least, not in recent years. I may have wanted to be a realist at some point. That is what I once thought of myself as, but I was so far off from being the definition of that word. Never again shall I pledge my allegiance to realism.

There are two types of dreamers: those obsessed with reality and those obsessed with fantasy. But what lays in between the two? It is the normal people who exist in between. The normal people take in fragments of reality and fantasy, but they do not become obsessed with either.

So what does that make the normal people? Are they dreamers because they exist in between the dreamers? No, I cannot make that assertion because I did say that there are only two types of dreamers. The normal people must then be awake.

How preposterous is that though? The realists and the fantasizers spend years wondering what it means to be awake and if they truly are awake, while the normal people simply are awake without having to ask any questions about the matter. C'est la vie, I guess.

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